Update Greater Alarm Structure Fire 01/20/2021 INC#1535

Update Greater Alarm Structure Fire; INC#1535; 08:52PM; 8431 N Sunland Bl; http://bit.ly/392C1v1; Sun Valley; Address numerics corrected to 8431; Now Defensive (external) operations at a well involved 5,736 square-foot vacant and boarded one-story former restaurant. With 83 LAFD Firefighters assigned, this incident, known as the "Sunland Fire" has escalated to Greater Alarm status. Sunland Boulevard is closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic between Nettleton Street and the Golden State Freeway until LAFD operations are complete.; FS 77; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; BC12 BC14 BC5 CM42 E227 E24 E260 E274 E288 E289 E298 E60 E77 E88 E89 E98 EM14 HR3 RA77 T27 T60 T74 T88 T89 T98 UR27 UR88; CH9; 17 18; Brian Humphrey