Chief's Regulation 4


Effective IMMEDIATELY Chief's Regulation 4 will not have a PUBLIC ACCESS counter.  We are working remotely and ONLY have Email access.  All inquiries shall be submitted electronically.  Please check the website for future updates.   In case of emergency contact Inspector John Novela (213) 264-9845.

OCTOBER ORIENTATION has been CANCELLED.  In order for us to continue with our previously scheduled September Reg. 4 Test, we have had to make modifications due to COVID requirements. Those that previously submitted applications will be notified via email with their new date and time along with additional requirements necessary. Only applicants who received an email confirmation will be admitted.

Only existing applications were scheduled for the September test. No applications may be submitted for the September test. 

If you do not hear from our office by 09/01/2020 with your new date and time, please contact our office via email: lafdreg4@lacity.orgThank you for your understanding and cooperation during these times.

New application fees will increase effective January 06, 2020.  Full Price $1548 for inital/addition to certification.  Change of Business Affliliation $258.

For renewals: Field observations are required to renew certifications. Applications will only be accepted after field observations have been completed. 

Testing of Fire Protection Equipment
The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to offer guidance for your testing of Fire Protection Equipment in accordance with Chief's Regulation Number 4.

What is the process?
If a Chief's Regulation No. 4 test is required, please contact a certified tester to schedule and perform your test.

  • The certified tester must submit the test results on Fire Department approved forms, electronically through the compliance engine at within 7 days.
  • Repair and Retest: If defects are found in equipment that is being tested, correction on such defects shall commence forthwith and shall be completed as soon as possible, but in every case within 30 days of the initial test. At the completion of such repair, the system or device shall be retested as necessary to determine that it is fully operable.
  • For Information on The Compliance Engine (TCE) Please Review

What you need to do to become a Reg 4 Tester!
Please Review Regulations No. 4 prospective applicant letter.

  1. Which Fire Protection Systems are in your building.
  2. The date that each system was last tested.
  3. The testing frequency required for such systems, are outlined below.

Basic Fire Warning Systems - 1 year
Complex Fire Warning Systems - 1 year
Central Station Signaling Systems - 1 year
Smoke Management Systems - 1 year
Elevators, Automatic - 1 year
Emergency Generator and Lighting Systems
All Occupancies - 1 year
Fire Doors: All Types/All Occupancies - 1 year
Fire Escapes - 1 year
Class I Standpipe Systems - 5 years
Class II Standpipe Systems - 5 years
Class III Standpipe Systems - 5 years
Combined Standpipe Systems - 5 years
Class H Standpipe Systems - 5 years
Fire Pumps - 1 year
Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems - 5 years

Note: Pre-action, Deluge and Dry Pipe Systems are tested annually.

  • Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV's)
  • Partial Flow - 1 year
  • Full Flow - 5 years

Reg 4 Orientation and Exam Schedule
2020 Regulation 4 Schedule

Who do you need to contact?

  • LAFD Bureau of Fire Prevention & Public Safety, Chief's Regulation No. 4 Unit
  • Your Neighborhood Fire Station 
Fire Station NON-Emergency Business Phone Numbers

Los Angeles Fire Department
Bureau of Fire Prevention & Public Safety, Chief's Regulation No. 4 Unit
200 North Main Street, Room 1750
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA
Phone: (213) 978-3560