Fire Records & CPRA Request

Requests for records are processed by the LAFD Risk Management Section, Records Unit.

For requests of the following reports listed below, please mail your request to:

LAFD Records Unit
201 North Figueroa Street, Suite 1250
Los Angeles, CA 90012

For questions, call or email:

Phone: (213) 202-9880


  • Subpoenas (with the exception of medical records)
    • Personal appearances of LAFD members for criminal cases.  NO FEE
    • Personal appearances, LAFD members. FEE: $275.00
    • Subpoenas for LAFD records (with the exception of medical records). FEE: $15.00 deposit


  • Fire Incident Reports (with the exception of medical records) $5.50
    • By mail, please provide the date, location, contact information, stamped self-addressed envelope with a $5.50 check payable to "The Los Angeles Fire Department"


  • Arson Investigation Reports
    • To obtain an arson investigation report, the case must be closed and released from the Arson Counter Terrorism Section.
      • Please call to confirm status of the investigation, at the phone number listed above, prior to submitting request.
      • To request Arson Investigation Report: By mail, please provide the date, location, contact information, and stamped self-addressed envelope
      • Media request must be made to the Community Liaison Office (CLO) by emailing


For ALL California Public Record Act (CPRA) Requests (with the exception of medical records)

  • Submit your request to: LACITY.NEXTREQUEST.COM
    • Select "Fire Department" (CPRA Request Only)" below description
  • Examples include:
    • Property Assessments
    • Underground Storage Tanks
    • Hazardous Materials

For ALL medical (EMS) records